Go: Goroutines and Apis

Go programming notes

Goroutines are a unusual and powerful programming language feature, so they are a tempting toy to play with, and they get a bit overused.

There is some indication that the following Go principle holds true:

Strive to provide synchronous APIs,
let the caller start goroutines.

To put this advice into a more concrete code example:

Do this:

func (t *type) Run(ctx context.Context) {
    // Implementation of background task

Instead of this:

func (t *type) Start() {
    go func() {
      // Implementation of background task

func (t *type) Cancel() {
    // Somehow cancel the background task

Upsides for Run():

Another great discussion of this was in the Go Time: On application design podcast (starting around minute 47, Mat Ryer’s explanation really resonated with me)

Addendum: In the comments, Jacob is pointing out the talk “Ways To Do Things” by Peter Bourgon (slides), who also appeared on the above “Go Time” episode. The talk describes the Run() style quite clearly and in more detail. Thanks for the excellent pointer, Jacob!